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Mass production without tool costs


Inexpensive and ecological

Our device collects and recycles the support material for use in subsequent printing projects.

Industrial 3D printing

Quick and cost-effective innovation, testing and finalisation of the complete product.
Extremely durable high-quality products with a superior surface made of PA12 plastic.


Functional 3D models and prototypes

3D models with the same quality as the final product help visualise the product’s features before production.

Plastmode’s 3D printing services

Printing of individual parts

Using patented Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) technology, we can produce the most durable 3D plastic prints on the market.
Our equipment can also be used to produce highly complex geometric shapes and functional, complex mechanisms as single parts.
We also offer prototyping via 3D printing.

Mass production of 3D prints

We can print as many as thousands of small parts at a time. The build chamber in size 380x284x380 provides the opportunity to print a large batch of various parts at the same time.
Thanks to the MJF technology, there will be no tool costs.

From an idea to a finished product

We also provide innovative 3D printing and modelling with over 15 years of experience in the design of plastic parts.
We can also provide injection moulds, if necessary.

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3D printing

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