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Mass production is a cost-effective way of manufacturing just the right number of parts without investing heavily in machinery and tools.


High-quality mass production

We 3D-print products suitable for end use individually as well as in small and large series.

We use advanced technology and industrial 3D printers to produce products with such a high-quality surface that they do not even look printed.

We offer cost-effective 3D printing of parts, spare parts and various objects for the needs of industry and companies, including contract manufacturing.


Individual and cost effective

Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is an affordable manufacturing method, especially when the shape of the product is complex or the product requires a high degree of customisation.
Cost savings are generated when there is no need to purchase expensive tools or moulds for the manufacturing process.

The more expensive the mould of the product, the more cost-effective it is to manufacture the product using 3D printing.


Printing that adapts to various needs

In 3D printing, it is possible to increase or improve the product’s functionality. It is also possible to modify and customise the shape of the product and add new features to it.
Manufacturing different versions does not increase costs.

Moreover, with 3D printing, several products can be created at once.

3D prints quickly

We provide 3D prints quickly, with a minimum delivery time of two days from the order date.
Individual products or small series can usually be manufactured in a fraction of the time it takes to manufacture a product using traditional methods.

Products are delivered quickly and flexibly.

We always provide the exact delivery time case by case.

Contract manufacturing

We also provide 3D printing via continuous and regular contract manufacturing.
That means manufacturing and delivering parts in accordance with an agreed timetable and price list or your needs.
This way, you do not have to store the parts thanks to the just-in-time delivery.

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