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From an idea to a 3D model. Good design ensures the best result in 3D printing.


We offer the whole design process from an idea to a part that can be 3D printed.

When a part is made using 3D printing, design is carried out in a completely exceptional way, due to which there is no use thinking about the principles applying to traditional manufacturing techniques.

3D printing is an additive manufacturing method, which is the opposite of the traditional subtractive method, in which material is removed via machining.

The additive method leaves room for creativity, as there is no need to think about the way in which the product should be manufactured.

Design can be taken to a whole new level.

We also provide 3D design service

In addition to printing, we also offer a service in which we design as completely new product or a product based on your idea.

We can also design a product based on an existing part or object for which there is no 3D image or data.
For 3D printing, we design the images with the professional Creo 3D CAD software.
We design the part or product you need quickly and professionally.

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